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Pumps and Applications
CARP vehicle, Strathcylde Fire Service
Combination aerial rescue pump, fitted with World Series triple pressure range pump. Delivers low pressure for hand lines, high pressure for hose reels and intermediate pressure for aerial monitor.
Czech Republic, THT company, vehicle builder
Fire appliance for rural and remote terrain in the Czech Republic. Fitted with Godiva World Series WT4010 pump.
Estonia - Fire fighting rail truck, Part 1
This specially adapted rail truck is part of Estonia railways fire fighting capability. The container houses a Godiva GP2300 transportable pump supplying two monitors fixed on the truck bed, when supplied at 3-5 bar pressure the discharge can reach 60-70 metres. The tankers at each end hold 60 tons of water each.
Estonia - Fire fighting rail truck, Part 2
This picture shows the two water tankers with the water monitors and pump container in the centre.
Italy, BAI srl, vehicle builder
BAI Janus 4000 Bifronte vehicel.
Designed specifically for use in Alpine road tunnels, with dual cabs has the ability to drive forward and backward with no turning required.
Fitted with Godiva World Series WT pump.
UAE, Timco, vehicle builder
United Arab Emirates. Fitted with Godiva World Series WT pump.
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